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 Site Requests, Feedback, and Suggestions Rules

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Site Requests, Feedback, and Suggestions Rules Empty
PostSubject: Site Requests, Feedback, and Suggestions Rules   Site Requests, Feedback, and Suggestions Rules Icon_minitimeMon Feb 16, 2009 10:24 am

Please read these rules. I won't close threads if they're not done correctly, I'll just edit them to change it. Please follow these rules correctly, or I'll close them after a few offenses.

Please don't spam.
Spamming is a stupid excuse for a post. I will delete the threads that the first post has spam in it. If you do spam, you can have up to three offenses. You'll get banned from the forum for about 2 days if you don't do this correctly.

Please don't flame.
Flaming is just as stupid, and the consequences are the same. It it yelling at other members and saying inappropriate things about them. That is just a stupid thing to do and you'll be banned from the forum for doing it.

Please don't membrate.
Don't do my job. Besides, you can't close threads. If you need a thread closed, PM me or I'll look at the forum and close them.

Please don't flood.
Flooding is massive spam. Sorrow and I will decide if it is okay if you post supporting or not, but if you are flooding and spamming, you will be banned. Sorry, but I WON't allow it. You'll get an immediate ban. Flooding is not considered Flooding if you are answering all of them with a post that contributes to the topic.

Please don't make alternate accounts to bypass bans.
We can scan you if we think you are doing something. IP scan ftw. We'll ban that account, and I'll have Sorrow Perma-ban that account.
*This goes for any forum. You can and probably will be permabanned for doing it.

Locked Threads
As mentioned in the membrating section, Sorrow and I are the only two people in this forum who can lock threads. Don't try it, as you won't be able to. I'll also only lock threads if they have been answered, and if it goes under any of the above topics.

Just be good. You'll be fine.

Colored Titles
Red = New Announcement
Green = Implemented
Black = Nothing
Blue = Pending

If you have any further questions, PM Karis or Sorrow.

Sitewide Rules and Regulations

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Site Requests, Feedback, and Suggestions Rules
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