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 FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

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PostSubject: FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions   FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions Icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2009 1:51 pm


Recently alot of people have been getting a little confused about things even into the 2nd laugn day of the site, so I'm posting a list of things that should help you and making this an easy place to talk.

Why does it say my title is too short!?
This site has a limit to how ling to short a title to a forum should be, I have put this restriction on to make sure no-one puts stupidly long titles on or stupidly short. The title allows you to have 10-30 characters which is enough to explain what the thread is about. ex. [Poll] Who do you think is better?. No need to extremely long ones such as ex. I need help nowwwwww pleasssssse!!!!??!!! If I or the forum moderator sees this it will be deleted and you shall be sent a warning PM.

How can I make my title a different colour?
This is a handy little thing I just put onto the site. This can be used a colour code to tell us how urgent a thread is. ex. [RMT] Dragon Team. Green can be used for telling us that is isn't urgent but would like replies. However not every title needs to be coloured so please only use this device if you need to.
Blue: Moderator approved
Green: Opinionated thread ex. Poll, RMT etc.

If the forum/Section moderator sees a coloured title without the need of one the thread shall be deleted.

How can I add another forum?
You can't. Simple as that. You can create threads within a forum but you cannot create a forum as a normal member of the site. If you need or want a forum created PM the site Administrator [me] requesting for me to add a new forum, I shall only make it if I think it will be an active an sustainable thread, however.

All other questions are in the site FAQ at the top of the site, if you have any other questions needed answering PM me and I'll answer them for you.
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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions
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