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 Forum Rules, Regulations and FAQ

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PostSubject: Forum Rules, Regulations and FAQ   Forum Rules, Regulations and FAQ Icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2009 11:36 am

Pokémon Diamond
Rules and Regulations


There are many different kinds of spamming. Those kinds include:
  • Double Posting- posting after your own message.

To prevent this you can edit your posts by using the blue edit button at the bottom of your posts.

  • Flooding- Posting mass messages one after another either being separate threads or posts in a single or multiple threads.

Do not flood, you will be banned

  • Duplicate Threads- Threads that have already been created by you or another member

Use existing threads instead. Check the Thread Index (below).

  • Going off topic- Posting content not related to the thread’s purpose.

Stay on topic by posting things that relate to the thread and its discussion

  • Short posts- This includes one liners such as, “Yeah”, “ZOMG I know, right?”

Create longer posts with more girth so that you look more sophisticated and to create more discussion.

  • Foreign Languages- Posting in another language other than english

Instead, use English.


Flaming other members will result in a ban. Do not do it.

Ex/ Member 1: My favorite Pokemon is Zapdos because it has a great movepool and its speed is delicious
Member 2: Zapdos sucks wang chops, are you thinking straight? Motres is the best you homo.

Report flaming if you see it occurring please, do not membrate, which is the next topic.


Membrating is the attempt to act like a moderator. If you do not moderate the forum, do not request thread close of others threads. You may only request closure for your own threads.

Member 2: Do not spam! Requesting the closure of this thread. Stop duplicating your threads and don’t do this again!

Again, report those you see doing this please.


Advertising for other sites is forbidden. Do not deter from Neoseeker. You may post links to other sites only if it is an informational site and is helping another member with a problem. DO NOT link to your forum or message board.

Ex/ Member 1: Come visit my forum! It is the best!

Emulator and Rom Discussions

These are not allowed. I don’t feel the need to give an example. Simply put: If it’s not on the DS and isn’t a store bought Pokemon Diamond game, it’s not allowed to be discussed.

Adult Content

This is an E rated game please don’t refer to adult content in your posts. This also includes pornography.

Grammar and Other Posting Issues

Good grammar is expected to be used at all times when posting. It is expected you use as much correct spelling as you’re capable. As well as grammatically readable posts, the colors you post in also matter. You should post so that you aren’t straining the eyes of others.

Ex/ Member 1: Pokemon has really made a leap in the graphics department of the game.

Another problem is the using of smileys. You’re allowed to use them, but do not abuse them by using a lot of them in a row.

Ex/ Member 1: Tyranitar’s move pool is great because he can learn dragon dance.

Also, do not create long obnoxious thread titles.

Ex/ Member 1’s Thread Title: HELP ME PLEASE I’M STUCK IN THE GAME AND I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO GO!!!!!!!????????!
Rate my Team Threads
I now want all RMT threads to have the prefix [RMT] in their title. Rate My Team threads need to have 6 Pokémon (or less, depending on what team we’re dealing with) with EV-spreads, natures and moves.

As you may have noticed, we mainly didn’t allow game threads. This is mainly to prevent useless threads that consist of nothing but spam and/or have no place in this forum.

This is what we’ll allow (you must still ask permission, though. Although we’ll probably allow it):
Who’s That Pokémon
Who wants to be a … Millionaire
Things we (most likely) won’t allow:
Role-Playing threads
Alphabet Threads
Hurt and Heal

Bumping is generally frowned upon, but because of the pace at which this forum moves, it’s necessary at times.

That’s why we’ll allow limited bumping (read as one *bump* message), but only if the thread is less than 1 week old. Afterwards, if the topic continues, we’ll delete or merge your bump post. Of course, you can also do it completely different. Just go to edit, copy your message, delete the post and reply the exact same message. No harm done there.

This does not apply to discussion threads. Those can be bumped up with new discussion.

Taking Action

When you see a problem with a member or two PM the Admin, Sorrow or a Moderator, and We'll take it from there.
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Forum Rules, Regulations and FAQ
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