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 Gang Rules. READ NOW

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PostSubject: Gang Rules. READ NOW   Gang Rules. READ NOW Icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2009 9:04 am

Gangs Subforum Rules

Welcome to the Animal Crossing: Wild World forum! While I want everyone to have fun on this forum, there are some rules you need to follow, so please make sure you read this rules and make sure to follow them at all times. To ensure everyone enjoys the forum as much as they want, I encourage you to ask me any questions you have about the rules by sending me a private message. Do yourself a favor and save yourself from a future ban.
Local Forum Rules

[+] - Purpose Of This Subforum
[+] - No Spamming
[+] - Try Not To Double Post
[+] - No Flaming
[+] - No Advertising
[+] - No Flooding
[+] - No Memberating
[+] - Do Not Bypass Bans
[+] - Do Not Abuse The Report Feature
[+] - Do Not Share Illegal Material
[+] - Keep All Your Posts Suitable For Children
[+] - Get Permission To Start Game Threads
[+] - A Word About Staying On-Topic

How Will Gangs Be Moderated

[+] - When Will Gang Threads Be Closed?
[+] - Creating The New Gang Thread
[+] - Review And Deletion Of Gang Threads

Joining And Leading Gangs

[+] - Joining A Gang
[+] - Creating A Gang
[+] - Max Amount Of Gang You Can Be In

Purpose Of This Subforum

This subforum was made to allow users to create their own group of friends and people where they can organize events related to the game and have fun in general. While staying off-topic a bit is fine, please do not abuse this privilege. Please read the A Word About Staying On-Topic section for more information.

No Spamming

Spamming is when a user posts one-liner, very short messages in a thread. This message do not add any kind of conversation value to a thread and in fact, they may kill a thread that is going fine. "Lol", "ok", "ya", "sorta", or the use of only one smiley and nothing else are examples of spamming. The biggest case of spamming is when the user only submits something like "sdfew" to a post, which is just a combination of characters. Because this posts add no value to the thread, they will be deleted immediately once detected. Spamming is one of the easiest rules to break, so please be careful of what you post when you do it.

No Flaming

Flaming means to insult people to try to hurt their feelings. This is an E-Rated forum, and I am going to be very strict with that rule. If you try to hurt someone's feelings, you may or may not be banned without notice, depending on the case. You may not receive any warning once you insult someone; this may be your only warning and the banning period of this offense may be for over ten days.
Everyone has different opinions, and if anything, you will contact the person like a real human being via PM or other private methods.
Do not insult other gangs, the members of other gangs, or members of your own gang under any circumstances.

No Advertising
You are not allowed to advertise other websites, services, or anything of that matter on forum posts or on individual threads. The punishment for doing so will be decided on a case by case basis and the offending post/thread will be edited or deleted immediately. You can only advertise on your Avatar and Signature, but doing it in posts and Private Messages (PMs) is strictly forbidden.
Also, advertising your gang via PM, in other gang, or any other place of Loungefest goes against this rule. If you want to get people to join your gang, please use one of the methods mentioned above to advertise it.

No Flooding

Flooding is when you post excessively all over the forum just to get your name to show up everywhere, to raise your post count, to be the top forum poster, etc. Usually when you flood, your messages are short and spammy. Spam is not allowed in the first place, so please try not to flood, because remember, there are other members of this forum, and they also deserve a chance to answer questions and post. If you are caugh flooding your forum messages will be deleted and depending on the case, a warning will be sent.

No Memberating
Memberating is to act like a moderator, administrator, staff member, wiki member, or any other rank with powers when you don't have the right credentials. Doesn't matter if you were a moderator on this website before, or if you are a moderator on another website, you are not allowed to boss people around, to threat them, or anything on those lines. If someone is say, posting a thread in the wrong forum, then link them with a nice message, a message that does not make you sound like a boss. A friendly message and a link doesn't hurt anyone and it makes you look more friendly. For instance, if you are linking someone to the right place, you wouldn't say "please follow this link", you would say "Hey there =), you should follow this link to go to the right place".

Do Not Bypass Bans

If you are banned, you are not allowed to post as a guest or to create optional accounts to bypass your ban. You will get caugh, and you will only make your ban longer on both the account you are using to bypass and on your original account. If you have any other family members, friends, or other people that use the same computer as you, then please make sure to show them the forum rules, because if you are banned for legit breaking the rule and you say something like your brother was posting, it will NOT be considered to lift your original ban.
If you think you are banned because of a misunderstanding, please do not bypass your ban, and just contact me calmly, in a polite way, and we will talk about it.
If you are constantly bypassing your bans, the Super Moderators will be notified about your accounts and the problem and they will take even more action over your account(s).
Also please note that gang leaders can "ban" people in a way from their gangs, but that does not mean you won't be able to post in the gang you are "banned" from. But if you are banned from a gang, please just do not post on it. It is common courtesy to leave someone alone when they ask you. If you keep annoying people by posting in their gangs even though they "banned" you from there, you will get a real ban in this forum.

Do Not Abuse The Report Feature
Reporting someone's post or reporting someone to save face in an argument is considered to be an abuse of the function. First you will be contacted to not to do it again. If you do it again, you will be given a PPD restriction so you can only make a few posts a day and you won't be able to report posts anymore.

Do Not Share Illegal Material

Talking about ROMs, emulators, Warez, cracks, Hacks, illegal software and anything in those lines is strictly forbidden.

Keep All Your Posts Suitable For Children

Because this is an E-Rated forum, I am going to be very strict with this rule.
Do not talk about pornographic content, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and anything in those lines. Depending on the case, this may be your only warning.
This also includes the constant use of swear words. If your post has a ridiculous amount of censored words or swearing in general, it will be deleted. Please think before you swear, that some people are not in your gang doesn't mean they won't see your gang every now and then. Excessive amount of swearing will be dealt with, be it deleted or edited, but is not going to be tolerated anymore. If swearing makes you feel cool, let me tell you it is not.

Get Permission To Start Game Threads

If you want to start a game thread then please PM me first. Game threads need to be well organized and the moderator needs to make sure the thread doesn't promote spam. Usually when a moderator isn't aware of a game thread, it spirals out of control. If you do not have permission, your game thread will be closed.
Game threads that have been allowed have a green text below them that say "game approved" or "approved by a moderator".
A Word About Staying On-Topic
While it is understandable that new games day after a while, and that the gang's topic gets boring after a while, it doesn't mean that you can ONLY keep off-topic chat. At least try to discuss the nice times you had with your friends with this game, or talk about up-coming topic games. If you bump your dying gang thread, please do not bump it posting "BUMP. What's up?" or similar posts. That is no longer going to be accepted. Being realistic, the gangs keep the people they like, their friends, so they usually want to talk about personl topics and such. Please, keep that to a very low minimum to none at all. Discuss your gang itself, plan your gang to expand itself to other forums, but just don't keep everything off-topic. It's fine to have off-topic chats every now and then, but not all the time. This is not MSN or any other instant messenger service, this is an internet forum.
Also, if you will have off-topic chat, please at least make sure EVERYONE in your chat can talk about it. If only two people (or any other small amount of people) will talk in that topic, then don't have it.

When Will Gang Threads Be Closed?

Gang threads will be closed when they get around 25 pages to 30. That is, your gang thread may be closed when it has 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, or 30 pages.

Creating The New Gang Thread

Before you create the next thread for your gang, you must wait until the older one is closed and you must have the written consent of a moderator before you make it. That is, if I close a thread simply saying "you can make thread now", then you can make the thread, but if I close it only saying "Max amount of pages reached", you cannot make it yet.

Review And Deletion Of Gang Threads

For now, a gang thread that is closed will be reviewed by me The moderator. If the gang thread has a considerable amount of spam and is constantly breaking the rules, then the gang will be scheduled for deletion 20 days after the review, and post count will be scheduled to decrease as well. That gives you enough time to save the important information on that thread in either an online host or in your own computer. Please note that if you had your casual off-topic chat, but kept the topic of your gang or AC related, it MAY NOT be deleted. Everything will be done in a case by case basis.

Joining A Gang

Each gang may have a different system to accept users to join them. You should read the first post of the gang you want to join or PM the leader of the gang to know the details.

Creating A Gang

There will not be a minimum amount of people you need to create a gang. However, you must create the new gang with A LOT of details in the first post. If you create a gang that only says "join me now =D" in the first post, it will be closed instantly. The first post of a gang should at least contain information of the process to join the gang.

Max Amount Of Gang You Can Be In

You can ONLY lead one gang, and additionally, you can be part of 3 extra gangs. Or you could NOT lead a gang and be part of 4 other gangs.

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Gang Rules. READ NOW
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