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 Forum Rules.

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PostSubject: Forum Rules.   Forum Rules. Icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2009 4:07 am


The main rules are posts below, please try to obey these rules.

Spamming is not tolerated on Forumfest. There is only one forum, which you are allowed to spam in. There, the other rules are more strict. Spamming is when you post simple few words, just mainly to gain your post count. This makes the forums look rather messy, so please, do not spam at all, and if you need to spam, please take it to this forum. Thanks =)

Flamming is also not tolerated on Forumfest. You can not flame anyone, anywhere. If you flame through a PM, you will lose your privelages. Flamming, is when you insult someone, by being mean, offensive, or rude. Flamming makes the whole staff mad, which isn't going to be good for you. Report any harassment you see, or recieve! If you flame, try to calm your anger down, by asking a moderator for help, or a nice friendly member.

Double Posting, and Double Threads are extremely pointless, unless you are trying to make the forum more organized, and neat. If you are asking a question, don't post it more than once. Also, you are allowed to bump a thread, even though it is considered a double post. Just make sure, the bump is within a two day time period, and it's not on the front page. Making clone threads, are only allowed, if you have a moderator's permission. Making duplicate threads are most likely because the thread you are using, has been closed down, because the maximum amount of pages are filled up!

Ripping graphics, or other things are strictly untolerated. The thing you stole, will quickly be taken off of public view, and if you continue to steal things from our members, then you'll recieve punishment. If you are not allowed to take things, ask that person first, via PM. If you are, then that person is saying, the whole world can use their artwork

Disobeying the Moderators will definately get you banned. If a moderator asks you to stop, or asks you to use the given link, you are expected to do so. If you have any questions you need to ask, off-topic in that forum, just PM a moderator, and they'll answer you as fast as they can!

Posting Content is very important. If you post innapropriate images, such as nudity, or sexuality Forumfest, report it as quickly as you can. It will immediately be taken out of view. Posting perversion is also not allowed. If you see this, report it to a moderator again. This also goes with videos or websites. We inforce this rule, because there are younger audiences comming to view this site. Please show some respect.

SorrowEdit::Aswell as site-wide rules apply!

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Forum Rules.
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