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 Joy: A short story. C+C

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PostSubject: Joy: A short story. C+C   Sun Feb 15, 2009 7:12 pm


Joy: A short story.

Tap. Tap. The sounds of my footsteps were echoing off the floor. And I was pacing back and forth in the waiting room, waiting for my name to be called. Tap. Tap. Again and again the crowd roared, gasped, screamed and one time, laughed. Darn it, 3,000 people laughing their heads off is going to be tough to beat. But then again, I have a secret plan. And I did. It’ll take a lot of luck to pull it off, but it’s worth the risk. The room was nice, with polished floors and shiny metal walls. There was a screen to the stage on the front, where everybody was crowding around. On the left, there was a door to the stage. On the right, there was the bathroom. Everybody was dressed nice for the occasion, the girls had very nice dresses, and the boys had tuxedos. I, myself, was looking sharp for the moment. Everybody had gone, and one of the last people to go. My friend had the list of people, and once the last battle was over, he said, “Okay, buddy, you’re up!” A smile formed on his face. “Break a leg!” Boy would I.

The lights flashing over my head seemed very bright, and gave the arena a heavenly glow. They should of put “Seizure Warning” on top of the door there. The floor was shiny, with a little square on the left and right sides of the stage where I was supposed to stand. I went to the left, and my challenger went to the right. He grabbed a round ball from his pocket, and so did I. We threw them, and out came our loyal friends. They were animals, you might call them even monsters, but they were still friends. “Gyarados, Aqua tail!” he shouted, and the dragon-like serpent’s tail glowed blue. I reacted, and sent a counter attack. “Thunder bolt.” The mouseish (sp?) creature obeyed, and a bolt of lightning shot from above. It hit! And the so-called ‘Gyarados’ wasn’t so mighty then. A red beam was sent from his ball, hitting it and returning to the ball. He fingered through his pocket and sent out another one. This one, however, was different. It was smaller and on all fours, with a light blue color for its pelt. It had two dangling streamer-like things hanging right beside its ears. “Now, Glaceon, jump and then use Ice beam!” “Raichu,” I said, “Quick attack.” It crouched, and then quickly dashed between the shards of ice. Then it homed in on its target, knocking it out of the sky. It landed on the floor artlessly, struggling at first to get up, but then got to its feet, with the same stout look on its face. “Now, Volt Tackle.” It started running, faster and faster, and then an yellow aura surrounded it. It hit Glaceon full force and sent it flying. “Best of three, they said, right?” I smiled. This was great. Then the judges made their decisions, and picked me. They gave me the ribbon and I smiled. It’s a wonderful day to be alive…

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PostSubject: Re: Joy: A short story. C+C   Mon Feb 16, 2009 5:10 pm

preatty good Smile
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Joy: A short story. C+C
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